DeMonte’s work uses narrative representational images that are approachable to the general public while existing within the greater art context. Her work exists in a variety of media according to commission specifications.

DeMonte has completed a $200,000 Commission from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs for the Queens Supreme Court Building in New York City which won a New York City Art Commission Design Award, and a $100,000 commission by the New Mexico State Arts Council for Socorro, New Mexico. She has also completed commissions for numerous public and private organizations including Hyatt Regency Hotels, Prudential Life Insurance, Brooklyn Public Library System/N.Y., Percent for Art Program and a freestanding functional sculpture for the Clarendon Public Library, and with the Percent for Art Program of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs/School Construction Authority, a 30- foot ceramic mural for P.S. 51 in Queens.

Other recent commissions DeMonte has won include the University of Northern Iowa and New Mexico State Rt.66 Commission for the City of Santa Rosa

DeMonte’s works are made of durable, permanent materials that reflect and compliment the materials of the existing/planned architecture. These include bronze, granite, ceramic, wood, and paper. All projects have been completed on time and on budget and have well been received by their respective communities.

In the development of her public work, DeMonte always does research on the community where the work is to be placed so that it refers to the location. In all her commissions she has sought out input from those planning/using the spaces to get a better understanding of who and how the facility functions. Attention to technical detail is a major consideration, and when necessary, engineers and architects are employed as consultants.

DeMonte’s primary concern in her commission work is that it be visually accessible to the public at large.

Queen's Supreme Court Commission
bronze/stone 12' * 8'

Queen's Supreme Court Commission
bronze/stone 12'h

Queen's Supreme Court Commission

Shrine to Learning
8'h * 6'w * 4'd, mixed media
Commission, N.Y.C. Dept of Cultural Affairs,
Brooklyn Public Library System, New York City

Nutrite il Mondo
acrylic on masonite, 10' * 8'
Commission, Woodstock 25

Animal Count
ceramic tile 30'l * 8'h
P.S. 51, Commission N.Y.C. Dept of Cultural Affairs and the N.Y.C. School Construction Authority, Richmond Hills, Queens, New York City

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